Thursday, December 31, 2009

goodbye 2009, welcome 2010 ;)

hey. it is an hours before the new year. goodbye 2009. hope dat i'll 4got wat ever bad thing hapend to me. honestly it was a bad year. guess so. but it make me happy. in this year i catch a lot of new fren. and i've noe sum1 that kind to me. nuraini ardani. my roomate ;) ilh. caring, baik, pdgr setia masalah ak. tengs ain. in this year gak ak kehilangan rakan2.kre byk la hilang tp makin byk yg dtgg.and tahu tak? my old bff had come to me. dia dh kembali dlm hidup ak. thanks izqi. mgkin hny sementara tp ak happy gle sbb ko ade ngan ak.and,happy that hari terakhir 2009 ni i got a BIG news on my final exam result. i got 3.91!! how should i beleive this! oh GOD! thankyouuu. alhamdulillah. i'm very happy dat i've make my parents proud of me. ibu!bapak! nadia dh buktikan yang nadia pun boleh! huhu. nmpak nye malam ni sambut new year kat dalam bas jela. nak pegy melake dis nite. yeay ! i'm so happy. i noe dat in this year i've done a lot of wrong. i'm sorry terutamanya kat DIA.i'm sory. not dat i dont love u. tp kyataan nye we are not belong together.sorry kawan. we cn just be fren. n to kawan2 yg rase ak se wat salah kat korang i'm very sorry.ini adalah buku terakhir untuk 2009. i'll throw this kat mne2 lautan nti. huhu. byebye2009!welcome 2010 ;)))

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


i was in my buddies room at 11 pm. it was an exhausted nite. lying on her bad n listening to the mp3. everything was going ok until the song changed to the SEMPURNA song . oh my ! suddenly its remind me of HIM. my old fren . my old BEST FRIEND . yea , we are fren but we r very close . we shared everything . i used to be fall in love with his love towards his GIRLFRIEND . he was a kind boy that played by his stupid gf . ouh ! i really love him . maybe . he used to be the best person that i known in this world . but it gone . our sweet memory together GONE ! i HATE u now ! i really HATE youu . we r not longer be a good fren . not even a fren . because of his gf yang ta berape na cantikk. act, mmg ta cantikk pn pmpuan tu . still kids. istilah ak , kanak2 ribena lagi lahh minah tu .i LOST my fren, brother, counselor,teacher n seorg pdengar yg baik dlm satu mase. on that time being i just couldn't imagine how i should continue my life. i tried.n i'm FAILED! once, i prayed for their happiness but now seikhlas-ikhlas hati ak ni ak doa agar their relationship OVER!!!!!!!!! ouh my . i got enough ! i'm sorry kawan . hm, right now, i'm just hoping that we could be like before. together!i really need u . i miss youu . but it will be just a DREAM . i could not "own" u like before . . byebye . here its for you .


Kau begitu sempurna
Dimataku kau begitu indah
kau membuat diriku
akan slalu memujamu

Disetiap langkahku
Kukan slalu memikirkan dirimu
Tak bisa kubayangkan hidupku tanpa cintamu

Janganlah kau tinggalkan diriku
Takkan mampu menghadapi semua
Hanya bersamamu ku akan bisa


Kau adalah darahku
Kau adalah jantungku
Kau adalah hidupku
Lengkapi diriku
Oh sayangku, kau begitu
Sempurna.. Sempurna..

Kau genggam tanganku
Saat diriku lemah dan terjatuh
Kau bisikkan kata dan hapus semua sesalku

p/s : tbe2 lak teringat indiana jones weyh ;D