Wednesday, April 29, 2009


STUDENT GMIBthis story begin when my biology spm paper finish.i've to listen my mom for going to GMIB interview.deep in my heart,i don't want to stdy there.even for a while.i'm duin stupid things when in the interview.i'm honest to en.azman dat i'm not interested n my mom force me.but unfortunately i'm accepted!
i entered GMIB on 5th january 2009.i was so lucky having dis course.even the teacher sometimes very lazy to teach but i really enjoy when i got to know people there.i get closer to them month by month.there just a couple of month and we'll go out to stdy or will be the most horrible thing i'll classmate!u'r rawks babe!tengs 4 everything.tengs for the laugh,for the smile,for the jokes and for the relationship!!i really do appriaciated it my sayang!
the people that close to me is LINDA.she only person that understanding me.tq lyn.ZIMAH.kaw juge memahami aku.tengs juge zimah.FARAH.she's like to smiling like crazy =).FAHMI.u r old!u'r my atok ever.haha.SYAKIR.u are really annoyed la ;D.PEDOT.kaw amat sporting.KUCHAI.u r so funny person!DIRAM.kaw la kelam gelut!=).AKMA.u r the sweetest.IMAN.discpline ke ko?WAN.ko pn same kelam.FIFI.u r so nice.ZYRA.kaw macikk aku yg tersayang!!HAZIM.walau aku ta rapat ngan ko,ko mmg ske wat lawak "pandai" drop satu..ANNAS.gudluck kawan.GENG KAK MIRA.korang mmg best gle.sgt baik.GENG KAK ANIS.korang mmg rawks habes!syok kwn nagn korang.
who think that her/his name is not here not because i'll 4get u.u all will stay in my mind 4 ever.
just,i don't have any idea about u guys.
i really hope dat one day we'll meet again after finish our study in GMIB.i really loves u guys!
ily!imy! ;D;D