Monday, February 21, 2011

any changes ??!

come and let see weather anything had changed :) BUT NOTHING CHANGED ! nothing babe . its just me and its just youuu. we are fine. JUST FINE being in this situation. whats done is done and what past is past. no reversing. back to past two years is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN . eh, i means past 3 years. NOT GOING TO HAPPEND and i could not imaging if it happen. once, i hope for it but NOW, please...... i just don't need it anymore. go back to your place, here its doesn't belongs to you anymore. you and me, two different way . i was so lame back then. my past is bad. really bad. i hate my old me. .Don't bother to make a new chapter with me in it.Cause my character died at the last paragraph of it. THANK YOUU :)

read this,with the silent mouth n with an open heart . you are my past. my 3 years back,. not NOW. i have HIM :)