Friday, October 15, 2010

new life starts =)

it such a long time i haven't update this blog.. my life "growing" better as my body growing too. HAHA . new way of life, new bestie, new place and new LOVE =) i hope this will continuing and last forever.
thanks to ely n fiq for being such a good fren to me.both of you really supportive. ely, always help me with my problem..salu tenangkan aku^^ n fiq, thanks for doing together our labs, assignment n mini project. if you're not here, xjadi la sume keje aku tu. thanks a lot my friends.
and to HIM ,ily :) thanks for make me special person of you.its so sweet being with u my dear. u such a caring,loving n understanding person. even suke buat org touching tapi pandai pujuk. wee^^ thanks for everything u done, and special thanks for the "japanese garden". it so sweet. i'll take care of it n i'm promise :) *should i tell you guys his name? ahh, i don't think so. u'll noe it some day. FOR SURE:)
to people that i've done wrong in past, i'm sorry. final is just around the corner i'll pray for our successfull. hope that we can achieve our dreams. may it comes true my friends.